VCU Partners

  • Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

  • Department of Chemistry

  • Department of Physics

Domestic Partners

  • Ames Laboratory

  • City University of New York

  • Northeastern University

  • Kostas Research Institute

  • Institute of Homeland Security

  • Brigham Young University

  • U.S. Naval Research Academy

  • National Institution of Standards and Technique

International Partners

  • Nanyang Technological University

  • Lanzhou University

About Us

We are the Advanced Materials Processing(AMP) Lab at the Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) and we...

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Address and Contacts

Engineering East Hall, E3221

401 W Main St.

Richmond, VA 23284 

Lab: (804)-828-2570


The Advanced Materials Processing Lab has no forms of social media. If you wish to contact us, e-mail or call...

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